Dhaka Tribune


Dhaka Tribune is a privately owned English dailyfounded in 2013 and has nationwide coverage. It is owned by 2A Media Limited, which is a business concern of Gemcon Group. Awami League lawmaker Kazi Nabil Ahmed is the Vice Chairman of Gemcon Group.Dhaka Tribune has online versions both in Bengali and English.

Ownership and Key Individuals

Kazi Anis Ahmed is the Managing Director. He is also a director of Gemcon Group. Mr. Ahmed obtained PhD degree in Creative Literature from New York University, USA and completed MFA in Creative Writing from Washington University. Dr.Kazi Anis Ahmed is also a partner of Online Bengali News Paper ???the Bangla Tribune???. He has stakes in the following businesses:

Gemini Sea Food Ltd, Kazi&Kazi Tea Estate Ltd, Gemcon Food & Agricultural Products Ltd(Meena Bazar), Gemcon City Ltd. Gem Jute Ltd. Charka Steel Ltd.  Meena Sweets & Confectionaries Ltd.  Bengal Herbal Garden Ltd.  Karotaya Tea Estate Ltd. Rawshanpur Tea Frontiers Ltd. AjkerKagoj Ltd. KhabarerKagojProkashana Ltd. Gemcon Tea Estate Ltd. and Gemcon Sea Food Ltd, Meena Retails Limited, Gemcon Sports Ltd. (Khulna Titans), Gemini Agricultural Development Company Ltd., Meena Advanced Retail Trading Ltd., Papyrus Communications Ltd, etc.

Kazi Anis Ahmed is a freelance writer who has published in the Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal and World Literature Today. He published a book of anthology ???Good Night Mr. Kissinger??? was released in Bangladesh by UPL in November 2012. His first novel The World in My Hands was published in December 2013 by the Vintage/Random House India.

Dr. Anis is now acting as Managing Director of 2A-Media Ltd and Pathar Ltd and Publisher of the English National Daily Newspaper of Dhaka Tribune, Gem Global Information and Communication Ltd. & Castle Universal Co. Ltd., all concern of Gemcon Group.

Kazi Nabil Ahmed, MP is a Vice President of the Gemcon Group

He received a Bachelor degree in Economics from Brown University and a Masters degree in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics.

He is a Member of the Parliament of Bangladesh, elected from Jessore-3 Sadar constituency. He is alsothe Honorary Consulof Croatia.

Kazi Nabil Ahmed is the Vice-President of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF). Kazi Nabil Ahmed holds the post of the Chairman of Pathar Limited, Gemcon Sports Ltd. Papyrus Communications Ltd. Castle Universal Co. Ltd. Meena Advanced Retail Trading Ltd. and the Managing Director of Charka SPC Poles Limited., Karotaya Tea Estate Limited. &Rawshanpur Tea Frontier Limited, Gemini Agricultural Development Company Ltd. Gemcon Renewable Energy Technology Ltd.;

He is Director of Gemini Sea Food Limited, Gemcon Limited, Kazi&Kazi Tea Estate Limited, AjkerKagoj Limited, Charka Steel Limited, Bengal Herbal Garden Limited, Meena Sweets &Confectionery Limited, KhaborerKagojProkashana Limited, Gemcon Tea Estate Limited, Gem Jute Ltd., Gemcon City Ltd., Gemcon Food & Agricultural products ltd. Gemcon Sea Food Limited, 2A-Media Limited (National English Daily Dhaka Tribune), Meena Retails Limited, Gem Global Information. & Communications. Ltd. and Bengali Daily AjkerKagoj. He is also a partner of online Bengali News Paper the Bangla Tribune.

He is one of the Trustees of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) Trust, and also the Vice President of Meena Trust & Rania Cyrus Foundation and Member of Kazi Shahid Foundation.

Journalist and lyricist Zulfiqer Russell is currently the editor of the online news site. He had previously won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Lyrics for the film Putro (2018). He was the winner of the Citycell-Channel I Music Award in 2008, 2010, and 2013. He was born on 13 November 1977

Zafar Sobhan is the Editor-in-Chief of the Dhaka Tribune. He was previously the Op-ed editor of The Daily Star and headedits Forum magazine from 2004 to 2010. Mr. Zafar has a Bachelorand a Master???s degree in English literature and a J.D. in law.He was a Yale World Fellow in 2009. He columns appeared in The Guardian, The Sunday Guardian, Time and Outlook. World Economic Forum nominated him in 2005 as a Young Global Leader.


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