Square Group

Square Group was founded in 1958. It is one of the top conglomerates in Bangladesh. In 1952, Samson H Chowdhury started a small pharmacy in Ataikula village in Pabna which is about 160 km off capital Dhaka in the north-west part of Bangladesh. He then ventured into a partnership pharmaceutical company with three of his friends in 1958. The current yearly group turnover is US$616 million.

The Square Pharma???s Standalone Revenues from Operations were Tk. 44,595.49 million for the year ended 30th June, 2019 compared to Tk. 34,573.39 million for the previous year, an increase by 29%. The Square Group???s entities are Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Square Cephalosporins Ltd, Square Textiles Ltd, SQUARE Spinnings Ltd, SQUARE Fashions Ltd, SQUARE Yarns Limited, RASTAS Apparels Ltd, Square Toiletries Ltd, Square Food and Beverage Limited, Square Agro Development and Processing Ltd, Aegis Services Ltd, Square Air Ltd, Square Hospitals Ltd, SQUARE College of Nursing, Square Securities Management Ltd, Square Informatix Limited, Square Texcom Ltd, Astras Limited, Sabazpur Tea Company Ltd, Maasranga Communications Ltd and Mediacom Ltd.

Square Pharmaceuticals Kenya EPZ Ltd is a subsidiary of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Other business affiliations or interest includes Mutual Trust Bank Limited, United Hospital Ltd, and Lanka Bangla Finance Ltd. Square Pharma also holds shares of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. Square Pharma holds shares of Raj Lanka Power Company Ltd. Square Pharma holdsbusiness interests in Shanta Holdings Ltd., Durable Plastics Ltd (RFL). Flamingo Fashions Ltd. and Envoy Textiles Ltd. T

Anjan Chowdhury has been the Managing Director of Square Pharmaceutical since 1995. He is the second son of late Samson H Chowdhury, founder Chairman of the Company. Sponsor director of Maasranga Communications Ltd. He is also Sponsor Director in 30 other private limited companies namely Square Hospitals Ltd. He was an Advisor to the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh in 2007. Mr. Tapan Chowdhury was also a Former President of The Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed. Companies (BAPLC), Young Men???s Christian Association (YMCA) and Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF). His brother Anjan Chowdhury is the Managing Director of Maasranga Communications Ltd. Mr. Anjan Chowdhury has been a Director of Square Pharmaceutical since 1991. He has been instrumental in the execution of several projects of the Square Group namely Square Toiletries Ltd., Square Food and Beverages Ltd. including the Maasranga Television. Their only sister Ratna Patra is the Vice Chairman of Square Pharmaceutical and director of Maasranga Communications Ltd. Tapan Chowdhury???s daughter Anika Chowdhury is a director of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB). She is also a Managing Director of Square Health Limited, Director of Square Fashions Ltd. and Management Coordinator of Square Group.


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